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  • 膚色劑一罐(2oz,56.7g)。

Dream Tan - DreamTan Instant Skin Color
  • 健美比賽專用膚色劑。
  • 使用指南:上場前一小時使用。
  • 請在暖身前,並且在陰涼的地方使用。
  • 使用前先把全身擦乾。
  • 先把膚色劑抹在身上,然後輕輕拍打使其均勻覆蓋於表面。
  • 如果自行塗抹,請先從腳開始,然後小腿至上身。
  • 臉部只需要少量即可。
  • 塗抹完成後,不要著裝,並避免接觸任何物體,以免膚色劑被擦掉。

Dream Tan ....the simple alternative to applying liquid tanning dyes!

Perhaps the most sought after bodybuilding tan in the world and currently in over 30 countries, this lustrous moisture-rich formula spreads easily and coats completely in just one application. Dream Tan is made of the finest emollient-based ingredients and washes off completely with soap and water.

All of the color - none of the hassle. Safe for use around the eyes, this lustrous moisture-rich formula spreads easily and coats completely in just one application with no prior tanning necessary. Dream Tan is made of the finest emolient-based ingredients and washes off completely with soap and water.


  • 上台前一小時上色。
    Apply one hour before stage appearance.
  • 請在暖身之前,在陰涼的地方塗抹。
    Apply in a cool place and before warming up.
  • 塗抹之前請務必確認肌膚乾燥。
    Make sure skin is dry (not sweaty) before application.
  • Make sure the cream is rubbed and well worked into the skin before patting it down.
  • 如果您要自己塗抹,建議請從腳背開始,然後小腿,由下往上。
    If applying it yourself, start with feet, calves and work your way up.
  • 面部只需要少量塗抹即可。
    Very small amounts should be used for the face.
  • 上色完畢後,請勿穿上衣服,並避免處碰任何東西,以免膚色劑被擦掉。
    After complete application, do not put clothes on, and avoid contact with any object that may rub the cream off.
常見問題Frequently Asked Questions (原文)

What is Dream Tan?
Dream Tan is an easy to use emollient-based tanning cream designed specifically for use by competitive bodybuilders.
Dream Tan 是一款使用方便、溫和,且專為健美比賽設計的膚色膏。

Do you need a base tan? 我需要做一點基本的日曬嗎?
Prior tanning is not necessary, however it is recommended.

How do you apply it? 如何上色?
Unlike other dyeing products, Dream Tan is applied with your open hand, much like rubbing moisturizing cream.
與其他染色產品不同,Dream Tan 只需您用手將膚色劑上色即可。

When do you apply it? 什麼時候上色?
For best results, do not rush the process. Apply Dream Tan one hour prior to appearing on stage. Approximately 15-30 minutes is all that is required to cover the entire body.

What is the application process?
Apply one coat of Dream Tan for your first stage appearance. Apply additional amounts as needed for second stage appearance to ensure even and smooth coverage.
比賽如果分兩階段,則視情況需要在第二階段時補上適量的膚色劑,以確保膚色平均 。

Should you use any special oils after applying Dream Tan? 擦上Dream Tan之後還需要用其他的輔助油嗎?
Oils are already formulated in Dream Tan to give you the perfect shine and luster on stage and in sunlight. However, if more shine is needed simply do one of the following:
Dream Tan裡已經含有特別配方的油可以使您在舞台上、在日光下看來膚色閃亮有光澤。然而,如果你想要更閃耀,只需按照以下建議:
1. Add a few drops of mineral oil to the jar as needed and mix well with toothpick.在罐子裡加入一點礦物油,用牙籤混合均勻。
2. Apply a light coat of oil on your body before applying Dream Tan.在上Dream Tan膚色劑之前先上一層薄薄的油。
3. If you apply oil over Dream Tan, then oil should be patted on - not rubbed in - with the hand that's applying the cream.如果你先上了Dream Tan再上油,這樣的話油只是被平均拍打在身上薄薄一層,而不能深深吃進皮膚裡。
* Make certain that you follow proper application procedures; particularly after using any of these variations. (see insert)

Is it safe for use on the face? 塗抹在臉上安全嗎?
All colors used in Dream Tan are FDA approved for use on the face and around the eyes.
Dream Tan使用的所有染色原料都是FDA美國食品與藥品管理局認可能使用在臉上和眼部周圍的。

Does it stain your skin? 會在皮膚上留下髒污嗎?
Dream Tan is not a dye and washes off completely, actually leaving your skin moisturized.
Dream Tan不是一種染料,而且可以徹底的清洗掉。

How do you remove it? 如何擦掉?
For best results, use soap, water and/or baby oil.

Will it stain your clothes? 會弄髒衣服嗎?
Dream Tan should wash off with soap and water. However, this is a competition product and should probably not be used with your best clothes!
Dream Tan 應該用水和肥皂就可以清洗掉。 不過,因為它是一種競賽用品,你最好不要穿最好的衣服前往參加。

How do you know which formula to use? 我要怎麼知道要用哪一種顏色的Dream Tan產品呢?
Both are superb colors and look great on stage. Choice of formulas is a matter of personal preference.

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