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IronMaxx - 【超廉出清】德國乳清大廠 - 100% Whey Protein

重 量:2 磅; 0.91 KG
口 味:薄荷巧克力
定 價:NTD $1600元 / 桶
特 價:NTD 599元 / 桶 約37折
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2 磅 薄荷巧克力

Serving Size 50g
Amount Per Serving
Calories 196   
* Calories from fat  
Fat  3,0 g   
of which saturated fatty acids   1,2 g   
Carbohydrates   3,4 g   
of which sugar   2,8 g   
Protein   37,3 g   
Salt   0,25 g   
100 g of powder contains (Lemon-Yoghurt) 
Calorific value   392 kcal   
Fat   6,0 g   
of which saturated fatty acids   2,3 g   
Carbohydrates   6,7 g   
of which sugar   5,3 g   
Protein   74,5 g   
Salt   0,5 g   
Amino acids per 100 g protein 
Isoleucine  5500 mg   
Leucine   11.000 mg   
Lysine   9100 mg   
Valine   5300 mg   
Phenylalanine   3200 mg   
Threonine   5400 mg   
Methionine   1900 mg   
Tryptophane   1800 mg   
Histidine   1900 mg   
Cysteine   1900 mg   
Glutamine   16.400 mg   
Aspartic acid   10.300 mg   
Arginien   3000 mg   
Proline  7500 mg   
Serine   5500 mg   
Alanine   4300 mg   
Glycine   1700 mg   
Tyrosine   4300 mg   
Whey protein concentrate, citric acid, tumeric, emulsifier (soy lecithin), flavor, sweeteners (acsulfam K, sodium cyclamate, saccarin sodium and sucralose). May contain traces of egg, lupine, soy and gluten

  • 【即期清倉,保存期限至2017/03/10】
  • IronMaxx原創,100% 與水相容,沖泡最好喝。
  • 每百公克粉末高達80%的蛋白質!
  • 專為 muscle building和 muscle mass調配。
  • 無可匹敵的超級好喝!
  • 內含超級氨基酸成分 (包含 BCAAs 和 L-glutamine)
  • 最適合運動員和在意好身材者。
  • 保持肌肉的正常運作和功能,包含了訓練必須的礦物質鉀、鈣和鎂。所以100% Whey Protein 才是你運動後最好的蛋白質來源。
  • (左側成分表為概略,僅供參考,以實際瓶身標示為準)
  • *Ironmaxx產品內不含湯匙,原廠提供長柄湯匙可加購
  • 假設您的湯匙一匙(份)25g,5.18P=2.35kg 內含約94份。

Milestone in the protein sector: First 100% water-based whey protein developed!

蛋白質中的全新里程碑:第一個完全與水 100% 好搭的乳清蛋白 誕生!

用水混合沖泡的乳清的優點很多,最重要的是 - 也是針對健美者和在意好身材的人 ,用水沖泡不會有多餘的熱量和脂肪。如此一來你可以純粹吸收到100% Whey Protein 當中的最佳營養組成。

Whey protein is appreciated not only in bodybuilding as an excellent source of protein, but also for endurance athletes, martial arts practitioners and amateur athletes as a post-workout shake. Especially when the protein is most needed, a preparation with water is recommended. The product development department of IronMaxx® has been particularly successful in this regard  and especially in overcoming the hurdle that to date all protein powders have been designed to be mixed with milk. When conventional protein shakes are prepared with water, taste and consistency often suffer. The specifications for the development department of IronMaxx® were therefore quite clear: "The new protein powder also has to taste great with water," said Patrick Kruczkowski, CEO of IronMaxx® shortly before development began. The 100% Whey Protein does this more than justice, because it not only tastes wonderful, but has also been specifically designed for preparation with water.

The advantages of protein drinks mixed with water are varied and of great importance, especially for bodybuilders and body conscious people who do not want to leave anything to chance. By mixing protein powder with water, less calories and fats (which are otherwise contained in milk) are added. So you take only the amount of nutrients that are contained in 100% Whey Protein in the best composition.

Whey protein for optimal protein supply!


針對運動員建議的平均蛋白質是每公斤體重要吸收2克的蛋白質,才能建造肌肉。進階運動員和競賽選手更經常每公斤體重攝取高到3~4g 蛋白質,以幫助他們達到更好的效果。

IronMaxx®  的100% Whey Protein 每100g 當中含有80% 的蛋白質,有助於達成你的日常蛋白質需求,尤其能幫助你保留、甚至增加肌肉。此外更特別的是,100% Whey Protein 含有 氨基酸群 (如BCAA, Glutmain等等),以及高生物價。生物價越高,食物蛋白就能越快被轉化為內生性蛋白質。
100% Whey Protein 也能幫助保持肌肉的正常運作和功能,因為包含了訓練必須的礦物質鉀、鈣和鎂。所以100% Whey Protein 才是你運動後最好的蛋白質來源。

 The average protein recommendation for athletes is approximately 2 g per kilogram of body weight to build muscle. Advanced exercisers and competitive athletes often use 3 to 4 g of protein per kilogram of body weight and thereby achieve excellent results.

 100% Whey Protein by IronMaxx®, with elevated protein content (up to 80% per 100 g of powder) helps to meet your daily protein requirements and thus to promote the increase and preservation of muscle mass in particular. In addition, 100% Whey protein is characterized by a great amino acid profile (BCAA, Glutmain and more) and high biological value. The higher the biological value, the faster food protein can be converted into endogenous protein. To support a healthy normal muscle function, 100% Whey Protein also contains training-essential minerals potassium, calcium and magnesium. Therefore Whey Protein IronMaxx® is considered to be your ideal source of protein after a workout or as a perfect snack.

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