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重 量:430 公克; 0.43 KG
口 味:驚喜隨機搭配
特 價:NTD 800元 / 盒 約88折
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Metabolic Nutrition - 高BV建造效能☼MUSCLELEAN 康斯樂高熱量乳清(便攜包)
Lean Muscle Weight Gainer 驚喜隨機搭配 / 430 公克
  • 攜帶小包:每盒內含十包,口味隨機搭配出貨。
  • *各種口味之具體成分請參閱2p或5p包裝之產品頁面內說明。
  • 每一份(45g)含20g蛋白質。
  • 每一份熱量高達218卡。
  • 每一份含6g碳水化合物。
  • 真正能幫助建造 lean muscle,擁有最高的生物利用率蛋白質,還有必須脂肪酸、特殊的幫助肌肉建造的脂肪和酶,以及額外的刺激恢復的成分。
  • 四種口味,讓您一喝就上癮。

Not all proteins are created equal, but even more so is the lack of good lean muscle builders – until now. Working off our incredible tasting, powerful Protizyme protein, which has its unique ultra-microfiltration and digestive enzyme coating processes, we created MuscLean to truly help develop solid lean muscle. Delivering the highest bioavailability of protein per scoop, along with essential fatty acids, specific muscle-building fats and enzymes, and additional recovery-stimulating ingredients, MuscLean is truly unique, robust and seriously effective. Our low carb approach allows you to build lean muscle without accumulating excess body fat. With four delicious flavors to choose from, be careful, you may find yourself addicted to building muscle.*

蛋白質百百款,但就缺乏一種可以有效增加 lean muscle的,現在我們可以歡呼了!從擁有超微濾化技術、消化處理的好喝 Protizyme 蛋白產品,我們還創造了 Musclelean,真正能幫助建造 lean muscle,擁有最高的生物利用率蛋白質,還有必須脂肪酸、特殊的幫助肌肉建造的脂肪和酶,以及額外的刺激恢復的成分,Musclelean 是真正獨一無二,強大而且效果顯著的產品,低碳水的配方可以讓你獲得 lean muscle,而不會積聚多餘的脂肪。
有四種美味口味任您選擇,務必小心,您可以會因此陷入訓練,恨不得趕快再喝一杯 Musclelean。

Protein is an essential part of every balanced nutrition program but more importantly, it can help improve muscle development, especially when it is combined with specific ingredients to enhance uptake and stimulate greater Muscle Protein Synthesis. MuscLean’s low carb formula has been scientifically engineered to provide all the important nutrients for all cellular processes within the body as well as those specifically involved in building dense muscle.*

蛋白質是每一個良好營養計畫中必要的部分,它能幫助促進肌肉發展,尤其當它與特定的配方搭配一起時,更能促進攝取和刺激更多的蛋白質合成。 Musclelean 的低碳水配方經過科學設計,能為體內所有細胞過程提供重要的營養物質,以及專門致力於構建緻密肌肉的營養素。

Using the highest quality proteins found in Protizyme to further enhance the absorption kinetics and making it easier to digest, MuscLean includes a complete array of vitamins, minerals, and muscle protein synthesis stimulating ingredients, making it a true lean muscle builder. Leaving no stone unturned, our scientists backed this muscle-builder with ingredients that help muscle recover faster. With less bloat, easy mixability and fast digestion, you can take MuscLean anytime of the day, as well as before and after your workouts.*

使用Protizyme中最高質量的蛋白質來進一步提高吸收動力學,使其更容易消化,MuscLean包括一整套維生素、礦物質和肌肉蛋白質合成刺激成分,使其成為一個真正的精益肌肉建設者。 不遺餘力的是,我們的科學家們用幫助肌肉快速恢復的成分來支持這種肌肉建造者。Musclelean 有不易腹脹、易混合和快速消化的優勢,您可以在一天中的任何時候,以及鍛鍊前後飲用 MuscLean。

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